Immanence is Here!

50x50 LT Immanence is here in both e-version and paperback, brought to you by Story Spring Publishing.

From the book’s page on Amazon: The gods and demons of ages past didn’t simply give up and walk away when people stopped believing in them . . .

They’re still here, still real.

In our workplaces. In our homes.

They’re with us from the day we’re born until the day we die. And beyond.

The seventeen stories of IMMANENCE will beguile and amuse you. They will challenge and terrify you. Like the gods and demons themselves, each will show a different face to you.

I’m so proud to be a part of this collection of short stories. Fixation is the first glance of The Melting Pot series. It’s an urban fantasy series whose protagonist comes of age as a Japanese mythical shape-shifter living in Los Angeles.

'Fixation' by Lin Thornhill (SSP)

‘Fixation’ by Lin Thornhill (SSP)