50x50 LTWorks in Progress: An urban fantasy series I refer to as The Melting Pot.

Los Angeles is something of a cultural melting pot, which creates a rich environment to explore and discover different mythologies and cultural iconography, and how they might interact or collide in a sprawling metropolis. My shape-shifting kitsune, Yoko Johnson, has moved to Burbank because she can easily hide her occasional shape-shifting faux pas in the world of filmmaking prosthetics and special make up effects. More broadly, the city provides ample opportunities for a young kitsune to hone her abilities.

Yoko is driven by her duty to her goddess to test humanity’s moral fibre. Kitsune are blessed with many abilities, including illusions and mental manipulation, and they are equally at home offering rewards or delivering more punitive measures to those who fail their tests. As directed by the goddess, Yoko must make judgments which can ultimately lead to her becoming an immortal angel or an immortal demon.

In my short story Fixation (Immanence, Story Spring Publishing), Yoko meets Matteo Santoro, a young LAPD officer, whose strong ethics and familial bond are irresistible to her.